Amy's Aviation is back on our airways thanks to the Royal Aeronautical Society's continued partnership with Fun Kids radio... but Amy has overcome her shyness and is now appearing in person on a series of youtube videos to accompany the new series.

 You can watch the first episode by clicking on the video above and see how Amy gets on with the subject of Airshows!

Amy's Aviation

Amy will be once again taking us all over the place and teaching us all about aeroplanes.

In this new series she'll be looking at everything from airshows and avionics to piloting and pitstops.

Amy will show us how pilots are able to land planes so smoothly and at such fast speeds.

And she even shows us what happens when it’s too icy to fly.

You can also hear the first series again and now watch it for the first time online.

click here to see the first series


RAeS Careers
30 June 2014