Last week, a spectacular Cool Aeronautics – ‘Space Special’ was held at the Royal Aeronautical Society’s London HQ. The event, attended by 95 KS2 children from three London primary schools, was the tenth Cool Aeronautics event that has taken place this year! Sponsored by Airbus Group, the Royal Aeronautical Society is aiming to reach 150 schools with Cool Aeronautics events in 2016 as part of our 150th anniversary celebrations – as we now move into the Summer Term, we’re making good progress towards achieving this goal! 



A very special visit from the ‘Last Man on the Moon’, Eugene Cernan. 

Eugene Cernan (Spectrum Drama) delivered a highly entertaining presentation to the children about the challenges faced by humans when travelling in space. No human has stepped foot on the moon since Cernan’s visit in 1972 – perhaps some of the future astronauts in the audience will take up the challenge soon!  


‘Human Guinea Pigs’ with Olesya Myakonkaya!

Dr Olesya Myakonkaya (GSK) took the children on a journey back to the time when space travel first became a reality. With great uncertainty surrounding the effects of space travel on the human body, animals such as Laika, the first dog in space, proved that space travel was survivable – human space travel soon followed! 


‘Bodies in Space’ with Dr. John Cronin

How does the body react to a micro-gravity environment? The children were fascinated by Dr. John Cronin’s (Kings College London) presentation about how the human body changes while in space for long periods of time. Muscle deterioration, balance and eyesight problems, ‘moon-face’ and nasal congestion were all discussed. Much to the children’s amusement, flatulence was also revealed to be common symptom of space travel! 


‘Astronaut Bootcamp’

Kristen Harrison put the children through their paces with a series of physical exercises including running and cycling. The importance of astronaut fitness was discussed in detail – a highly topical subject as Tim Peake currently orbits Earth on-board the International Space Station.  



Dallas Campbell

This Cool Aeronautics ‘Space Special’ concluded with the fantastic Dallas Campbell (Television Presenter – Stargazing Live) showcasing to the children the development of spacesuits over the years. The children were particularly fascinated by the spacesuits specially designed to be used on animals such as rats and cats! 



Goodies for everyone! 

Thanks to our sponsor of the Cool Aeronautics programme, Airbus Group, none of the children left the event empty-handed. Alongside their aviation themed ‘goody-bag’, having worked hard all day, each child also left with their new Cool Aeronautics wings! 

Cool Aeronautics sessions are free to attend and offer a fantastic opportunity for young people to meet inspirational people from across the industry and to engage with activities that are relevant to the current Key Stage 2 National Curriculum.

A number of Cool Aeronautics events will be taking place in 2016 - a full programme of upcoming events is available here. For more information about the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Cool Aeronautics programme, please contact     


Cool Aeronautics in 2016 is sponsored by Airbus Group.

RAeS Careers
26 April 2016