In early 2014, after extensive discussions in the RAeS Rotorcraft Specialist Committee, it was decided that the RAeS was best placed to organise, and facilitate, a two-day conference on the issue of ‘operating with automation in offshore operations’. The conference entitled “Technology Friend or 
Foe – the introduction of automaton to offshore operations” was arranged and ‘directed’, in the sense that speakers were invited to present on appropriate and related subjects that would ensure adherence to the specified narrative trajectory. 
The conference took place on 3-4 July 2014 at Royal Aeronautical Society HQ. To read the full conference report please click here.

The conference spurred great debate and discussion and the Rotorcraft committee hope to continue the theme by publishing a position paper and by continuing on this theme in their 2015 conference programme.

Thanks go to those that sponsored this successful 2 day conference:   

The conference was also endorsed by:


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