Howard Torode, Chairman, Technical Committee, British Gliding Association and Afandi Darlington, Senior Inspector of Air Accidents (Engineering), AAIB speak about gliding and soaring having held a mutual relationship with mainstream aviation developments ever since the experiments of Sir George Cayley in 1852, through to the birth of modern aviation in the 1900’s and to the present day. This lecture discussed the experiences of sailplane designers throughout the twentieth century, in pursuit of higher aerodynamic performance, and compare these with parallel application of similar technologies in mainstream aircraft design. Howard and Afandi drew on well known aerospace design philosophies, and showed examples of how they have been equally applied to the design of sailplanes, including the benefits and lessons learnt. The lecture also demonstrated how the continuing technological developments have enabled sailplane pilots to continue to expand their wide soaring horizons. The speakers concluded with a forward look at how sailplanes might be developed into the future using both evolutionary and disruptive technology.

About the speakers:

Howard Torode and Afandi Darlington are career aeronautical engineers, both graduating from Imperial College London. Howard worked formerly with RAE/MoD, and Afandi with Airbus, Farnborough Aircraft Corporation and is currently a Senior Inspector with AAIB. Both Howard and Afandi have enjoyed a long standing commitment to soaring as a sport, in which Afandi has competed at World Championship level, and both have a continuing interest in the design and engineering and airworthiness of sailplanes. They are both members of the British Gliding Association’s Technical Committee, of which Howard is the current Chairman. Historically this body has been responsible for the national certification of all UK sailplanes since its inception in the 1930’s, and continues to operate in a responsible role under new European EASA regulation.

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16 March 2015