This year's Mini-Lecture Competition for the Teddy Fielding Trophy organised by RAeS's Manchester Branch was held on 13th April 2016 at Manchester University. The main purpose of this event is to encourage young speakers to present a topic involving a project to a general audience. There were three contestants on this occasion.

Yamen Alsayed from the University of Salford spent his placement year at Lufthansa Technik and his talk focussed on optimisation of repairs involving wing rib corrosion in old A320 aircraft which are going through a life-extension process. Hania Mohiuddin talked about her group project on the design, build and test of a human-powered aircraft being undertaken at the University of Sheffield. They have been developing and building their own aircraft since 2012 and participate in a Rally organised by the British Human Powered Flying Club.  Ka Chun Nicholas Wong from the University of Manchester presented his findings on the development of a BAE Hawk Flight Simulator.  Since the cockpit facsimile was received in 2013, work has begun on transforming it into a high fidelity facility.  His work focuses building the flight dynamic model.

The three judges from the industry led by Life Vice-Presdient of the Branch John Pedley found it extremely difficult to select a winner as all three presentations were of exceptionally good quality but in the end decided to select Hania as the winner. Hence her name is in the process of being inscribed on the Trophy at present. The room was filled to capacity and all members of the audience found it a most educational and enjoyable evening. It was a splendid grand finale as always to end the lectures organised by the Manchester Branch this academic year. Congratulations are in order to all three contestants and the Branch Chairman concluded the proceedings by thanking all.

- Nicholas Wong

Nicholas Wong
25 April 2016