Recorded: 20 April 2017

The Alan Bristow Memorial Lecture is held annually to highlight the legacy of the man who founded the largest international helicopter group that continues to bear his name. Alan was a true pioneer, great innovator and fully supported progressive ideas for developing all aspects of aviation in particular, rotorcraft. Bristow continues to operate in this spirit, leading the industry in innovations, many of which are now standard in today’s operating environment.

Bristow joined forces with Sky-Futures in 2016 bringing continued innovation to the aviation space. UAS is now an accepted technology in the oil and gas industry and it is leading a safety revolution in de-risking dangerous and costly rope inspection and data gathering methods. Sky-Futures has been at the forefront of this marketplace since 2011 and is the established global offshore lead for data gathering by UAS for vertical infrastructures.

As global leaders in their individual fields, Bristow and Sky-Futures recognised the opportunities and came together to advance the commercial use of UAS to the highest safety standards. This lecture provides an insight into how and why these companies are shaping a new era of industrial aviation.  


About the Speakers:

Jonathan Baliff, President and CEO, Bristow Group

Jonathan Bailiff was appointed President and CEO of Bristow Group in 2014 having served as senior vice president and chief financial officer from 2011. Previously he held executive positions in global energy and financial companies and served eight years in the U.S. Air Force including flying combat missions with the F-4G Phantom.

James Harrison, Co-founder and CEO, Sky-Futures

James Harrison is co-founder and CEO of Sky-Futures and leads the overall strategic growth and positioning of the company. He has a strong understanding of international markets and corporate strategy with a focus on creating long term value by technology led innovation.

Nick Rogers, Co-Founder / Chief Regulatory and Training Officer (CRTO), Sky-Futures

Nick Rogers is co-founder of Sky Futures and the Chief Regulatory and Training Officer. Nick is responsible for ensuring that Sky-Futures Remote Pilot training is robust and fit-for-purpose. As a qualified civil airline Captain who continues to fly Airbus A320 passenger jets, his understanding of the manned aviation environment has been instrumental in establishing a culture of safety and professionalism in all of Sky-futures UAS operations.

Ben Daniel, Training and Development Manager, Bristow Aerial Solutions

Ben Daniel is an ex. RN Sea King and Lynx pilot responsible for the continuous safe growth of Bristow’s unmanned aviation capability including the training and standardization of BAS Remote Pilots.

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20 April 2017