Recorded: 5 December 2017


Advancing Aviation, Keeping the Skies Safe

These are challenging times for air traffic management around the world. Demand is outgrowing supply. In the UK alone, 2017 was a record-breaking year in which volumes reached levels never imagined a few decades ago. Forecasts suggest more is to come but the airspace is already at maximum capacity which threatens not just this country’s aviation efficiency but that of the whole transatlantic corridor.

Added to this, across the world, physical and cyber threats to aviation are on the rise and the arrival of the first new type of airspace user in living memory - the drone - is testing the fundamental concepts of air traffic management. At the same time, communities are seeking greater control over where, how and when aircraft fly.

NATS' solutions to these challenges will define the industry for a generation, ensuring that the UK remains a critical part of the world’s aviation system. Investing in new technology and modernising the airspace will make today's safe, efficient and reliable service possible in the future, whilst continuing to enhance the experience of the travelling public across the world both now and in the years to come.

Martin Rolfe FRAeS, CEO, NATS discusses how NATS will adapt to deliver these changes and discusses which technologies / concepts will be key to ensuring the UK remains a world leader in ATM. 

About the Speaker:

Martin Rolfe FRAeS, Chief Executive Officer, NATS

Martin was appointed Chief Executive Officer of NATS, the UK's leading provider of Air Traffic Management services in May 2015. Martin is responsible for the 24/7 service operation employing c.4,500 staff and providing an air navigation service in UK and North Atlantic airspace for 2.2m flights per year.

Previously Martin was the Managing Director of Operations responsible for delivering NATS' en-route regulated business.

Prior to joining NATS, Martin worked for the Lockheed Martin Corporation where he was Managing Director of the UK Civil business, reporting the UK CEO. In this role Martin was responsible for all Lockheed Martin business with UK government departments, as well as international air traffic business worldwide.

Martin's career started with the European Space Agency working in orbital mechanics. Since then Martin has worked in the Air Traffic Management domain for 18 years across a number of companies leading large multinational teams across Europe, the US, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Far East, with customers including air navigation service providers, central government departments and military organisations.

Martin holds a Master's Degree with Merit in Aerospace Systems Engineering from the University of Southampton.

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5 December 2017