An exclusive interview with the head of the aeroengine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, David P. Hess. [caption id="attachment_6806" align="alignnone" width="375" caption="Pratt & Whitney has begun testing of the MRJ GTF, the PurePower PW1217G. (Pratt & Whitney)."][/caption] On 16 May, the president of Pratt & Whitney, David P. Hess was the Guest of Honour at the Royal Aeronautical Society's Annual Banquet. We caught up with him to ask him about progress in the company's PurePower geared turbofan engines, the future of IAE, ramp-up of F135 jet engine production for the JSF as well as Pratt & Whitney Canada and P&W Rocketdyne. He explains why the PurePower engine is the biggest step-change in recent history for civil jet engines and what his choice of most iconic P&W aeroengine is (hint - it's not the Double Wasp). In addition, Mr Hess is also the chairman of Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) and gives his views on the biggest challenge facing the US aerospace sector - the threat of mandatory defence cuts through sequestration. Watch our exclusive video interview below.          

Tim Robinson
18 May 2012