The Weapon Systems and Technology Group have just released a call for papers for their next conference which is entitled ‘Delivering Weapon System Effects: The Contrast Between Piloted and Remotely-Piloted Platforms’. This conference will take place between 2 and 3 June 2015 at QinetiQ Malvern.

Future force structures expect a mix of piloted and remotely-piloted combat platforms in contrast to the current predominance of piloted systems such as Wildcat, Apache, Typhoon & Lightning II in the UK. Does the emergence of more capable remotely-piloted platforms, with their increasing utility in the force mix, present an opportunity to the Weapons Systems and Technology community?

Can the use of remotely-piloted platforms improve a weapon system’s time into service, operating environment and utility across the different services?

This conference aims to provide an opportunity to discuss the context and rationale of using future platforms for which weapon systems could be developed.

To view the full call for papers and to find out how to submit an abstract, click here. The deadline for submitting abstracts on Monday 2 March 2015. Registration will open for delegates here shortly.

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11 February 2015