The 8 July 2017 marked the annual RNAS Yeovilton Air Day. This was the second Schools-Build-A-Plane Challenge Airshow of the year, the first being RAF Cosford Airshow. The Airshow was supported by graduate engineers from the Yeovil RAeS branch. The RAeS stand was based in the STEM hangar with Imagineering, GE Aviation and other engineering companies. G-EGCA, one of the SBAP planes was also able to take part as a static display aircraft.


The Airshow boasted a fantastic static display of aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary, paying homage to RNAS Yeovilton’s rich history as an air base, and marking 70 years of flying displays at RNAS Yeovilton. Excellent weather conditions made for some truly thrilling displays from a wide variety of helicopters and aircraft, such as the Wildcat display, Apache Display Team, Red Arrows, Eurofighter Typhoon Display and the French Rafale Display team.

The Society stand hosted a wide variety of STEM activities, such as the paper plane challenge, two flight simulators and the opportunity to look at the plane built by pupils at Ernesford Grange Community Academy.

The Airshow also received a visit from students from Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol, who also have their own SBAP project.

The Careers team were on hand to offer careers advice, as well as display the extent of the school outreach work that they do through various initiatives like Cool Aeronautics. The Membership stand also provided more information about the society and its professional registration activities, along with some giveaways.

It was an excellent opportunity to engage with everyone about the Society's activities, and with 30000 visitors, it was certainly a busy and successful day! The Society would like to thank the Yeovilton branch for all their support, and the Ernesford Grange Build students, staff and volunteers and look forward to returning to the show in 2018.

Aditee Desurkar
8th July 2017